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Curtain Wall

Stages: Drawing the Curtain


Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg

Curtain Wall is a large rectangular “wall” carved from local Tyndall limestone, located in a park next to a walking trail alongside the Assiniboine River. Hamilton, in her artist’s statement for Stages, cites Jennifer Krasinski’s one-line play

Curtain from Prop Tragedies (2010) as a partial inspiration for the piece: “When in doubt, she wrote, blame the window for
the view.” The setting evokes an abandoned amphitheater; two large, close-set, eye-shaped holes or “windows” in the wall create a dynamic in which passers-by look both at and through the piece, while the wall simultaneously
blocks a full view of the river and with its eyeholes, looks back at the viewer."


Natalie Haddad for Hyperallergic

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