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"We the People"
Salon 94, NYC

"With the election looming, it occurred to Hamilton that making pins might be a way to engage politically. As a medium of communication, campaign buttons have been swept into the desk drawer of history, rendered obsolescent by social media and other online platforms. But for Hamilton, that made the genre all the more attractive. She wanted to reinvent it, transcending its ephemerality, using it to speak not to the fraught exigencies of the moment, but to the American political condition as such."

"Hamilton gave the overall project the title “We the People.” At the outset, she determined that all proceeds from the sale of the pins (via Salon 94 gallery in New York) would go to charitable causes: FairVote and the Earthjustice Action Center. And that would have been that—except then it wasn’t. Enter Katy Grannan, the celebrated photographer, who has been a close friend of Hamilton’s since the two women attended graduate school at Yale some twenty-five years ago. They had never collaborated before, and here was a chance. They would bring the pins to life through Grannan’s signature strategy: making intimate portraits of complete strangers."

 Glenn Adamson for Art in America 

L1040983 as Smart Object-Small.jpg
L1040555 as Smart Object-Small.jpg

photo: Katy Grannan
model: Caitlyn St.John


photo: Katy Grannan

L1050155 as Smart Object-Small.jpg
group ed flag.jpg

photo: Katy Grannan
models: Ricardo Ramos and Jose Martinez 


photo: Zack Pospieszynski

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